We use the same factories as designer brands that charge a 400% markup but we offer social value. By creating long-term relationships with our suppliers, we bypass the middleman and are able to find efficiencies in our supply chain that translate into better prices for our customers and also allow us to incorporate a donation into our pricing model.


    MERE's collection is characterized by minimal silhouettes crafted with the softest sustainable yarn, sourced from multi-generational family farms and factories outside Mongolia. To survive Mongolia's severe weather, its goats have developed coats that are made up of the highest-quality fibers, longer, loftier, and softer than anywhere else in the world. These fibers are then washed, carded, and spun into strong and sumptuous two-ply yarns that are twisted to resist pilling. With proper care, your sweater can last a lifetime.


      Our pieces are conceived with the idea that you can feel cozy at home in the same sweater that you then wear to brunch in a nice restaurant. Inspired by urban surroundings and sculptural and architectural shapes, we produce versatile knitwear of the highest quality that will last a lifetime with the proper care.


      When I was 18, I took a job in the garment industry in Hong Kong, my home city. While I had always loved fashion, I was mainly looking for a way to help support my family through some tough financial times. Taped on the wall next to my loft bed, I kept a postcard of a NYC street to remind me of where I wanted to be. After a lot of hard work and saving what I earned, I moved to New York, got my degree from FIT, and built a career in fashion. But I still felt like something was missing.

      Years later, when I got pregnant with my daughter, my mother was diagnosed with a highly aggressive type of blood cancer.  This confluence of events put me into a state of emotional turmoil. I read a lot of self-help books, trying to find answers to question like, “What makes you tick?” and “What is your passion?”

      When I became a mother, I found that the more I gave to others, the more I felt alive and fulfilled. At first, it was just the joy I got from raising a family, but I started volunteering locally, getting involved as an organizer. I was determined to pursue causes I cared deeply about in the best way I knew how. I was inspired by a wave of new companies that prioritized giving back to those in need. That was my motivation to start MERE.

      MERE is in business to improve the lives of as many people as we can. I thank my mother, who thankfully recovered from her illness, and my daughter for inspiring me to create MERE and hope that these very special sweaters will add another layer of warmth to the world.


      -WanYi Chow, Founder, MERE KNIT